What is this Qigong you speak of?


I’m back from my week adventure to the U.S where I attended the 1st Health Qigong Seminar and Training for instructors from the America’s. There were people from many States, Canada, and South America, and together we learned and practiced Qigong for 8 hours a day with the Masters from China, Professor Yang Bailong and Professor Lei Bin.

To be honest at first I didn’t really enjoy Qigong so much, I had done it a couple of times and found it a bit slow. The opportunity came up to go to New York and I thought why not? Lets see what this is all about.. After being emerged in it for a week, I have to say I LOVE HEALTH QIGONG!

This is just the beginning of my understanding, but I am starting to get why it has been practiced for 5,000 years. Its beautiful, a moving meditation, it flows like a dance and grounds you all at the same time. I think when you start to learn more about it and allow yourself to be open to its healing power, then you too will fall in love with the practice of Qigong.

So what is this “Qigong” I’m raving about?

Similar to yoga it was also developed thousands of years ago and has been practiced and passed on. Yoga developed in India, Qigong in China. You may be thinking it is Tai Chi and it’s not, they are different. Tai Chi is a combative martial art based on attack and defense. Qigong is an internal martial art developed solely for healing and to assist in optimal health and longevity.  This practice is all about aligning the breath, movement and awareness. It is not only exercise, but works on a deeper level creating a meditative state and allowing for healing to occur, its is a moving medicine. Each pose is designed to open the meridians allowing the flow of Chi “Life Energy”. In traditional Chinese medicine it is used for preventative and curative functions, usually with the recommendation to practice Health Qigong before being given herbs for certain illnesses.

The forms I learned are:

  • Da Wu
  • Ma Wang Dui Dao Yin Shu
  • Ba Duan Jin

The nice thing about being Western is we have access to so much information, and can expose ourselves to many different cultures. We can take the knowledge from ancient eastern practices and apply it to our modern western lives. Its not always just about yoga and India, there is beauty and wisdom to be discovered in so many cultures!

I want to share some pictures from the trip!

The experience was amazing, and I have to say I am incredibly grateful to have these opportunities to learn, and grow. I am blessed with many teachers, those who know they are teachers for me and those who don’t. Can’t wait to attend next years training in San Francisco!

Team Black and Red

Team Black and Red!

health qigong group photo

Health Qigong Group Photo

Tai Chi Fan

Tai Chi Fan

Ba Duan Jin with the “Tai Chi Prince” Sitan Chen from American Taiji Health Qigong located in New York.

Ba Duan Jin with the “Tai Chi Prince” Sitan Chen from American Taiji Health Qigong located in New York.

NOW GO TRY SOME QIGONG!!!! Find a location near you! Check out your local community centers, Tai Chi centres or Yoga Studios.

If you live in Toronto Come visit Hot Yoga Wellness Concord Studio, Qigong classes are Sundays and Mondays at 1:30 pm

Zian Jian! (thats Bye in Mandarin)

Sujun and I in time Square :)

Sujun and I in time Square 🙂


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